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How many people can sit at this table?

17 Dec

When planning your event, it is definitely important to know how many people are able to sit around the table.  Here is a guide that you can go by when doing your guest seating.

30″ round – 2-3  people

36″ round – 4 people

42″ round – 5 people

48″ round – 6 people

54″ round – 7-8 people

60″ round – 8-10 people

72″ round – 10-11 people


This also depends on the size and the style of the chairs that will be set at the table.  Since your guests will be seated for the majority of your event, it is important to make sure that they are comfortable.

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Aquarium Centerpieces

27 Aug

Centerpieces with fish is a great conversation piece for guests and can be very colorful and vibrant on the table.  When seeing an aquarium centerpiece when entering a venue, you already know that this is going to be a very fun and upbeat event.

These are great to honor special guests at the event as a gift.  Always make sure that you follow direction on how to care for the fish prior to the event.

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Rock Candy Decor

23 Jul

As a planners at InTouch Social Events we love different decor.  So we absolutely were giddy to see that we can bring decor in with candy.  Decor and candy what a great combination.


So collect your sweets with the colors of your event and start to decorate.


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Line Tables with Ribbons

9 Jul

Table runners are a nice accent to each tabletop, but a different touch is by adding ribbons.  With ribbons you can bring to your table several different colors as well as create distinct patterns.  Be creative and have fun with it.

Allison Miksch




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We Love Wedding Wednesday – Baby’s Breath

20 Jun

Baby’s breath definitely has been making a come back statement in 2012.  There are so many unique ways that you can use baby’s breath to use as decor at wedding ceremonies and receptions.  Here are a few of our favorites.




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Chairs That Do Not Match

30 Apr

Weird title?  No everything does not have to match.  Mismatch chairs can really set the tone for a garden party, a bridal shower, or for an outdoor tea day.  Style your table with different chairs can enhance the feel for your outdoor event.  If you are still in doubt, check out these pictures.

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Fabulous Vendor Friday – Chiavari Chairs and Chic Chargers

23 Mar

In honor of Fabulous Vendor Friday we wanted to repost this blog about A Chair Affair.

Chiavari chairs are a nice addition to any event’s table design.  A Chair Affair, located in the Orlando area rents chiavari chairs and pads for weddings and events.  They not only have excellent quality rentals, but their staff is very friendly and always on time.   A Chair Affair has recently added chargers to their rental list.  I have seen these new chargers and they are absolutely beautiful.  This is a definite addition that should be added to your table set up.   Here are some pictures below of some of their chairs and chargers.

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To see additional photos,  check them out here on Facebook and make sure to like their page!

Stay on Wine Coasters

12 Mar

Having a get together and planning on serving wine?  You have everything you need the wine, the glasses, bottle cork opener, and yes of course the wine charms that tag your glass.  So you think you have everything?  What about stay on wine coasters?  We found these cute stay on coasters on

They are cute wine coasters that you slide onto the bottom of your wine glass.  They come in a variety of colors that you can buy and mix and match. You will not have to worry about watermarks on your furniture when you use these.

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Wine and Dine

27 Feb

When we saw this tablescape we just thought it was beautiful.  What a nice setting that settles around wine.

Additional touches that can me made are wine bottle tops that are candles.  How cute are these??

This is an idea that we also used on photo shoot with The Invitation Lounge

I love this idea of having the lights in the the wine bottle as well!  So creative.

Corks, wine, and grapes are all items that can be used to add to your wine design.

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We Love Weddings Wednesday – Vegetables for Floral Arrangements

15 Feb

A couple weeks ago I dropped into a floral shop to finalize some details for a photo shoot and I saw that they had bunches of kale.

I never thought to use kale as a centerpiece or even in a bridal bouquet, but I did think this is something that can be done to look nice.  So here are some pictures that I found of kale and artichokes being used together as floral options.

Here is a floral bouquet

Here are some boutonnieres

Check out some pictures of centerpieces

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So kale and artichokes are not just edible they can make beautiful floral statements.

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