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We Love Wedding Wednesdays – Black and White Stripes

4 Dec

Black and white stripes is very bold and is definitely a statement piece in fashion and decor.  How about for a wedding?  Here are some must see inspirational pictures.

stripes11 stripes10 stripe8 stripes1 stripes stripe6 stripe7 stripes2 stripes3 stripes4

Would you dare to be unique and have a striped wedding?  Maybe an evening wedding with black and subtle touches of black and white stripes, or a day wedding with withe and black and white stripe accents.

What are your thoughts? Gorgeous or too bold?

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Glass Bubbles

2 Dec

What a good combination together, glass and a bubble.


Glass bubbles can be used to sit on items, like on a table top, but I love to see them used as hanging decor.  Who does not like a little hanging decor?  Just imagine glass bubbles hanging from tree branches with candles burning in each bubble.   Doesn’t that set the scene?  Yes, what a sight to see.

The great part about glass bubbles are that they can be used indoors or outdoors.  They can be enhanced by adding items inside of the bubbles that gives your decor an additional kick.  You can add flowers, petals, pine cones, candles, or anything that you can think of.  They can strung together by using ribbon, crystals, string, or wire.  These gorgeous clear bubbles can add just the right touch to make a dreamy event.





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