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Glass Bubbles

2 Dec

What a good combination together, glass and a bubble.


Glass bubbles can be used to sit on items, like on a table top, but I love to see them used as hanging decor.  Who does not like a little hanging decor?  Just imagine glass bubbles hanging from tree branches with candles burning in each bubble.   Doesn’t that set the scene?  Yes, what a sight to see.

The great part about glass bubbles are that they can be used indoors or outdoors.  They can be enhanced by adding items inside of the bubbles that gives your decor an additional kick.  You can add flowers, petals, pine cones, candles, or anything that you can think of.  They can strung together by using ribbon, crystals, string, or wire.  These gorgeous clear bubbles can add just the right touch to make a dreamy event.





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Fabulous Vendor Friday – Unity in Glass

6 Apr

Today’s Fabulous Vendor is the artist of Unity in Glass.

We have all heard of the unity ceremony where couples combine two products together to symbolize the union of themselves.  Some have used colored water or colored sand.  Unity in Glass as their name states uses glass.  Instead of using water or sand, glass would be used.  So how does the process work?

1. Select the glass crystal colors that your sculpture will be made from. These crystals will be mailed to you for your ceremony.

2. Mix the glass crystals ceremoniously as you would if you were using classic sand.

3. Ship the mixed glass crystals back to our studio using the included, prepaid shipping label. (International customers will need to provide local postage)

Once received, your sculpture would be created using the exact glass crystals from your ceremony. Your finished sculpture is then safely packaged and mailed to your address.

This is an amazing process to bring your colored class into a wonderful sculpture of glass.  To view the process, click here.

This is a piece that you can place in your home as a memory of your wedding.  Paper weights can also be made for family members to have in remembrance of your wedding vows.

Stay on Wine Coasters

12 Mar

Having a get together and planning on serving wine?  You have everything you need the wine, the glasses, bottle cork opener, and yes of course the wine charms that tag your glass.  So you think you have everything?  What about stay on wine coasters?  We found these cute stay on coasters on www.dimmalimm.co.

They are cute wine coasters that you slide onto the bottom of your wine glass.  They come in a variety of colors that you can buy and mix and match. You will not have to worry about watermarks on your furniture when you use these.

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Correct Table Settings

10 Oct

Have you ever been confused about where does the tea spoon or soup should be placed on the table?  Or how about does the salad fork go closer to the plate or away from the plate.  Well here we have posted a visual to make sure that you always have correct table settings for your events.

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