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We Love Wedding Wednesday’s – Chalkboard Invitations

29 Feb

How can you not like chalkboards?  In 2011, we saw chalkboards being used more and  more at events to showcase greetings, menu, and place cards.  So when we saw these chalkboard invitation set we were excited.  A lovely design that you can find on Etsy that can even include an actual piece of chalk that the guests can circle on the board.

What is there not to love in this invitation design?

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Wine and Dine

27 Feb

When we saw this tablescape we just thought it was beautiful.  What a nice setting that settles around wine.

Additional touches that can me made are wine bottle tops that are candles.  How cute are these??

This is an idea that we also used on photo shoot with The Invitation Lounge

I love this idea of having the lights in the the wine bottle as well!  So creative.

Corks, wine, and grapes are all items that can be used to add to your wine design.

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Memory Trails – Fabulous Vendor Friday

24 Feb

Today’s Fabulous Vendor is Memory Trails.

Memory Trails specializes in taking photographs from your past and telling a unique story.  They do this by utilizing the pictures that you give to them and designing a story that captures all of your digital moments.  You can even incorporate text to the images.

Isn’t this beautiful?  A memory of several moments on your wedding day all in one photo that can be framed and displayed on a wall in your home.

No, it does not only have to be weddings, you can take any pictures to form your photo story.  This would be a great gift for Mother’s Day and/or Father’s Day.


It can be a nice touch for a special family member for a family reunion.  The possibilities are endless.  Go to Memory Trails, website to be inspired by more ideas of how you can use your past photos for future memories!


We Love Weddings Wednesday’s – Personalized Hotel Key Cards

22 Feb

Just when we think that the smallest of details have been covered, we are pleasantly surprised by yet another piece, personalized hotel key cards.  Provide a photo, then decide what you would like for it to say on your hotel key card and your key card will be designed.

I love this concept for destination weddings and/or reunion events.  Rooms can be blocked off at a hotel for all the guests that are attending and each one can received their personalized key card for the event.  You do not have to worry about the hotel receiving this information, as it is all handled behind the scenes prior to the arrival of you and your guests.  You can even have the card keys ordered a head of time and used as a save the date magnet!

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Mailing your Invitations

20 Feb

  • Ordered your invitations – CHECK
  • Received your invitations – CHECK
  • Love your invitations – DOUBLE CHECK
  • Know the cost of mailing your invitations – …………not sure?

When mailing out your invitations, make sure to take one complete invitation in to the post office so that it can be weighed.  That way  you can have a better idea on how much will be the full cost to mail out all of your invitations to your guests.

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Fabulous Vendor Friday – A1 Limousine of Central Florida

17 Feb

So it is time for your Girl’s Night Out for your Bachelorette Party and you are ready to head out on the town.  You want to keep all of your girls together so you can go from place to place in the same vehicle.  Yes it makes sense to hire a limousine company to be your designated driver.  This fabulous vendor not only is a limousine company that can take you and all of your bridesmaids around safely, but they can do while driving you around in a PINK limousine!

A1 Limousine of Central Florida

Yes we know some ladies are crazy about the color pink, and obviously does A1 Limousine of Central Florida.  They have specialty vehicles that can definitely give you just the right look for your night on the town!

Oh did you think that the pink only was on the outside?  Check out the inside of these vehicles.

What about a zebra print limo?

These are some great limousines.  To get a price quote or to see the rest of their line of limousines that include party buses make sure to check out A1 Limousine of Central Florida.  Are you not in the Central Florida area?  Well they have other areas in Florida that they cover that include Tampa and Miami.  Surely stepping out of one of these vehicles will be a bold statement.

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We Love Weddings Wednesday – Vegetables for Floral Arrangements

15 Feb

A couple weeks ago I dropped into a floral shop to finalize some details for a photo shoot and I saw that they had bunches of kale.

I never thought to use kale as a centerpiece or even in a bridal bouquet, but I did think this is something that can be done to look nice.  So here are some pictures that I found of kale and artichokes being used together as floral options.

Here is a floral bouquet

Here are some boutonnieres

Check out some pictures of centerpieces

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So kale and artichokes are not just edible they can make beautiful floral statements.

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