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Chairs That Do Not Match

30 Apr

Weird title?  No everything does not have to match.  Mismatch chairs can really set the tone for a garden party, a bridal shower, or for an outdoor tea day.  Style your table with different chairs can enhance the feel for your outdoor event.  If you are still in doubt, check out these pictures.

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Fabulous Vendor Friday – BelleJouJou

27 Apr

BelleJouJou is a company that makes handcrafted bride and bridesmaid bags.  These customized pieces are beautiful handbags that will be an accent piece for a bridal party.  Lately we have been seeing a trend of handbags replacing bouquets.

Brides can gift their bridesmaids with a handbags that can be a keepsake.

You can even have a message sewn into the bag.  How cute.

If you want to see more from BelleJouJou make sure to visit her on Etsy store to see even more handbags and other accessories that can be made to add extra flavor to your wedding day.

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We Love Wedding Wednesday’s – Calligraphy

25 Apr

Calligraphy is always an added extra touch that we see many times on invitations.

Let us take calligraphy a step further.  What about including it on a cake?

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Graffiti Cakes

23 Apr

Are you inspired by graffiti? Well why not incorporate it into your event and have a graffiti cake?

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We Love Wedding Wednesday – Bridal Showcase

18 Apr

We are excited to be attending the upcoming bridal showcase at the Estate of John’s Lake on May 6, 2012.  Any brides that are still looking for a venue and looking for vendors are invited to come and join us for a bridal tour.

To order tickets:


16 Apr

Are you ready to order your invitations?  Well, let’s talk about setting a RSVP deadline.  Your RSVP deadline should be at least two weeks before the date of your event.  By this time, most people have knowledge as to if they can attend your event or not.  Around this time as well, your venue may need a final count as to how many guests will be attending.

So what should you do if everyone has not RSVP’d?  Well you can either go with the number that you have received that have RSVP’d, or you can have someone call to confirm if guests will be attending or not.  It is best if you utilize someone who does not know you and/or your family.  This way the guests will feel more obligated to give a definite response of yes or no, instead of maybe.

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We Love Wedding Wednesday – Ghost Chairs

11 Apr

Today’s We Love Wedding Wednesday talks about the ever enchanting ghost chairs sometimes known as phantom chairs.  These chairs add a little extra something to the room.  It gives the room clarity and your eyes tend to focus in on the details in the room.

And if you thought those chairs were cute, what about these small favor ghost chairs to add to your dessert station or your for added table decor?

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