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Fabulous Vendor Friday – Aberrant Ornaments

14 Feb

Have you ever been to a wedding, and looked at the cake, and thought, “That cake is so beautiful, it is a shame that they will have to cut it?”.  Having a picture of the cake, lasts forever, but suppose you could also keep the memory of the cake by having a little miniature keepsake ornament?


This is a miniature cake created by Aberrant Ornaments  that stands four inches high!  Yes four inches high.  Aberrant Ornaments makes replicas of cakes with all the little details.  It takes about four to six weeks for each cake to be made.   All you have to do is submit a picture of the cake, and your cake can be made to be viewed and cherished forever.


These absolutely adorable handcrafted cakes can be displayed in your home as a memory of your wedding cake to be cherished.  This is a cute gift for the bride, that was in love with her wedding cake and would have taken it home with her if she could.


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Cake Size and Serving Sizes

11 Nov

Here is a great tool that we found on Aunt Audrey’s Cake’s website that can assist you knowing how many servings you can get from different size cakes.


Serving Sizes




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We Love Wedding Wednesday’s – Calligraphy

25 Apr

Calligraphy is always an added extra touch that we see many times on invitations.

Let us take calligraphy a step further.  What about including it on a cake?

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Sequins…they are not only on your clothes

7 Feb

Did you want a way to add a little shine to your party?  Sequins is definitely a way that you can do it.  No, it does not have to only be on your clothes or your personal accessories.  From your invitations to the cake and the table linen you can add sequins.  Be creative with your designs in adding some glimmer.

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Delicious Rainbow Treats

30 Jan

So who does not like a good rainbow; a rainbow mixed with yummy treats.  Check out these colorful delights.


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Frosting and Fondant-less Cakes

29 Aug

Frosting and Fondant-less cake?  Sounds a little different doesn’t it?  Well we are always up to try something different.  Momofuku does just this, cakes with no covering.  Yes they are wedding cakes, but they can be great for any event that you are having.  Doesn’t it look and sound so interesting?

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