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We Love Wedding Wednesday – Take time to enjoy your day

12 Feb

Planning a wedding is a large task.  There is a lot of  time and money taken to plan this day, and to make it be all that you have dreamed it could be.  It is so important for you to make sure to take the time to enjoy all aspects of this day.  There are so many activities that happens during the day; this is a memorable day that you will cherish for the rest of your life.  Take in every moment, every word, and every face.  Believe it or not, the day moves quicker than you will realize.  Make sure when you make your exit as the new Mr. and Mrs.,  that when you look back on your day that you have wonderful memories that will begin the next chapter in your life as husband and wife.


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We Love Wedding Wednesday – Card Box Holders

27 Mar

Wedding card box holders are usually placed at the reception on the wedding gift table.  This is a box that is designed to hold all the cards and envelopes that the bride and groom receives on their wedding day from their guests.  It used to be a plain white box that may have some tiers like a cake with a ribbon or two, but not anymore.  Wedding card box holders are creative, colorful, and have cute designs that play off the wedding theme and/or colors or off the personalities of the bride and groom.  Here are some unique designs.

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We Love Wedding Wednesday – Cost of Being in a Bridal Party

20 Mar

When we saw this post on, we just wanted to share.  Being asked to be part of someone’s bridal party is a honor that should be taken seriously, but it does come with a cost.  It may be a cost that you may or may not be able to afford, but needs to be taken into consideration before accepting the title of being part of the bridal party.  This is a great estimate of pricing for bridesmaids or groomsmen for “saying yes” to the bride and groom.

The Cost of Being in a Wedding Party (

The Cost of Being in a Wedding Party (


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We Love Wedding Wednesday’s – Picnic Weddings

29 Aug

Have you ever been to a outdoor picnic wedding?  Well if not here are some cute pictures that captured some picnic weddings.

So let us take out the blankets, pillows and the baskets, add some flowers on top of some green grass and get married.

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We Love Wedding Wednesdays – Cave Receptions

8 Aug

Brides are looking for more unique venues to have their weddings.  Today we wanted to show some fabulous pictures of how beautiful cave weddings are to have a reception.





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