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A Day for Mothers Everywhere

9 May

The time is here to celebrate Mother’s everywhere. May 9, 2010 is a day dedicated to showing our gratitude to not only our mother’s but people that we know that are mother’s or have taken on a role of a mother. This is a coveted title that shows true bonds of love and commitment. InTouch Social Events would like to say Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers and mothers to be. We hope you enjoy your day and have many more to come!
We hope that you enjoy your day with your loved ones.

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Spring Cleaning Party

5 May
So it is spring time; out with the old, and in with the new. Many of us have gotten rid of alot of old items in our homes to welcome in the New Year. For those who have not done your cleaning yet, why not throw a Cleaning Party. You can get rid of old items with the help of others, while turning it into an event. So here is how you do it. First pick a day that you would like to designate for your cleaning session. This should be a day that is not only convenient for you, but to the people you will be asking to assist. Select and ask the people that you woould like to help with your tasks and advise them of the time you will start and how long you will need them to assist. Do not forget to throw in that there will be PLENTY of food and drinks.
Then sent your goals on what you would like to accomplish with your Cleaning Party. After outlining your goals it is time to make sure that you have all the supplies and tools necessary. Is a ladder needed to dust those high ceiling fans. Do not forget items like garbage bags, boxes, dusters, towels, disenfectant, brooms, mops, pails, and gloves.
Once everyone arrives it is a good ideat to give the set tasks to complete. If you have a lot of volunteers you can breatk the up into groups with designated tasks. After the assignments are given, set times break times and eating time. When setting break and eating time, make sure to allow enough time, but not too much time. You want to keep on target and accomplish everything that you have set forth on your task list. To make things easier, having finger foods and light items, things that can be made quickly or picked up from a store or restaurant. Nice, cool, and refreshing dringks also are a great way to keep your volunteers hydrated.
After you have completed your cleaning task list, remember to be polite and thank everyone for taking time out of their day to help you with your cleaning. You can give a gift or send them a card after the event!
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