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Balloons that Glow

30 Jul

Balloons are always a way to add volume to a room and make things fun and light.  Have you ever thought about joining together ballons and glow sticks?  Balloons and glow sticks can be used together for a neon themed party or even a glow themed party.

So snap those glow sticks, blow up the balloons, turn off the lights and have fun!

We also love how they can be added to a pool to float while party on the pool deck.

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Fabulous Vendor Friday – Primele

27 Jul

The big event is done and you are at home with all of your gifts ready to open them and fill the room with your oooooh’s and aaaaah’s and you remember that you need to get your thank you cards out within the next three months.  A nice touch to your thank you card envelopes is customized return address stamp.  This can be done with a stamp.  Primele on Etsy has wonderful stamps that can be used on your thank you card envelopes.

You can add a little bit more pop to your invitations by using ink from one of your wedding colors.

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Rock Candy Decor

23 Jul

As a planners at InTouch Social Events we love different decor.  So we absolutely were giddy to see that we can bring decor in with candy.  Decor and candy what a great combination.


So collect your sweets with the colors of your event and start to decorate.


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We Love Wedding Wednesday’s – Take a Seat, Not a Side

18 Jul

A picture that says a lot in just a few words.  As a guest seeing coming into the ceremony location wouldn’t this just warm your heart and make you smile?


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Wedding Ring that Brands You – MARRIED

16 Jul

There are all kinds of wedding rings too choose from, but how do you feel about one that brands your finger as married?  Well for at least fifteen minutes that is.  This anti-cheating ring is listed on for $550.00.  This titanium ring creates an imprint around the finger which when the ring is removed indicates that “you’re married”.  Of course the ring may need to be bought a size smaller for the imprint to work.

What are your thoughts?
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We Love Wedding Wednesday’s – Three Generations with Rings

11 Jul

When we saw this picture, it made us smile and hopefully it will do the same thing for you.  What a lovely picture of three generations showing off their wedding rings; the bride, her mother, and her grandmother.

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