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How many people can sit at this table?

17 Dec

When planning your event, it is definitely important to know how many people are able to sit around the table.  Here is a guide that you can go by when doing your guest seating.

30″ round – 2-3  people

36″ round – 4 people

42″ round – 5 people

48″ round – 6 people

54″ round – 7-8 people

60″ round – 8-10 people

72″ round – 10-11 people


This also depends on the size and the style of the chairs that will be set at the table.  Since your guests will be seated for the majority of your event, it is important to make sure that they are comfortable.

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Stamp prices increase in 2013

3 Dec

Stamp prices are increasing again in January 2013.  Now the standard letter postage is going to 47 cent…a 1 cent increase.  Make sure to stock up on your FOREVER stamps between now and January 26, 2013 which will only be 46 cents each but can be used anytime.  Keep this in consideration when calculating pricing for your invitations and save the dates.


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