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Fabulous Vendor Friday – Pretty Please Nail Polish

22 Mar

Don’t we all love nail polish colors.  There used to be a time when certain polish colors just should not adorn your nails, but now the possibilities are endless to top of your fingers and toes.

Pretty Please1

 At Pretty Please, you can choose a nail polish and name it.  This is a great idea for  swag bag giveaways, gift bags for bridal shower, or even bridal gifts for bridesmaids.  Not only can you have fun picking out the colors, but by adding your own special name for the polishes.

Pretty Please
So what do you think?  What color are you going to choose?
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Fabulous Vendor Friday – Primele

27 Jul

The big event is done and you are at home with all of your gifts ready to open them and fill the room with your oooooh’s and aaaaah’s and you remember that you need to get your thank you cards out within the next three months.  A nice touch to your thank you card envelopes is customized return address stamp.  This can be done with a stamp.  Primele on Etsy has wonderful stamps that can be used on your thank you card envelopes.

You can add a little bit more pop to your invitations by using ink from one of your wedding colors.

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Fabulous Vendor Friday – BelleJouJou

27 Apr

BelleJouJou is a company that makes handcrafted bride and bridesmaid bags.  These customized pieces are beautiful handbags that will be an accent piece for a bridal party.  Lately we have been seeing a trend of handbags replacing bouquets.

Brides can gift their bridesmaids with a handbags that can be a keepsake.

You can even have a message sewn into the bag.  How cute.

If you want to see more from BelleJouJou make sure to visit her on Etsy store to see even more handbags and other accessories that can be made to add extra flavor to your wedding day.

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Invitations That Spells Your Name Out

26 Mar

A.B.C.D.E.F.G…yes these playful colorful invitations use the letters of your name to create a personalized invitation.  Alpha Vites came up with a great invitation design concept.  All you have to do is pick a theme, give your letters, and a custom die cut will be made to create your invitation.  Each letter will have its own unique pattern that stands out.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

These invitations would be great for a birthday or graduation party.

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Fabulous Vendor Friday – Artistic Aisle Runner

16 Mar

The Fabulous Vendor for Friday goes to Artistic Aisle Runner.  We have had the lovely pleasure of working with this company several times for events that we have produced or been apart of.  We always love the detail and professionalism of Artistic Aisle Runner.

These aisle runners are hand painted one of a kind aisle runners that can be used to personalize the wedding ceremony.  The fabric that is used has a rubberized backing that allows for no slips as the bride takes her walk down the aisle.

Artisitic Aisle Runner also makes cute banners and signs.

You can choose from a selection of fabric color choices to decorate your aisle.  When personalizing your wedding, this is definitely a way that would make a statement when entering your ceremony site.  Artistic Aisle Runner will work with your concept and design to come up with your one of a kind runner.  Make sure to bring your ideas, monogram, and font inspirations when you have your consultation.

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We Love Wedding Wednesday’s – Customized Wrapping Paper

7 Mar

We ran across this wrapping paper from that we thought was just so cute.  Personalized wrapping paper that you can wrap your gift to the bride and groom.  How neat!    With this wrapping paper, do you still need a card?  Well no, if you just want the bride and groom to know who it’s from, but if you want to give them some sentimental words, we would say to add a card.  The process is simple, just add in your wording up to 37 characters and your gift wrap will be created!

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Fabulous Vendor Friday – Wedzines

2 Mar

This is for all the brides and grooms that have a lot of information that they would like to give out to their guests about their wedding and we just love it.  It’s a WEDZINE!  A magazine with information about the couple to wed and about the wedding.  The categories that the WEDZINE can include but of course is not limited to:

– Thank you letter from the couple
– Our favorite things
– “Bride or Groom?” trivia
– The proposal
– When we knew
– How we met
– Our first date
– Bios on the happy couple
– Our pet peeves
– Our favorite photos
– Our childhood photos
– Our family backgrounds
– Our dream playlist (for music lovers)
– Our honeymoon plans
– Our favorite recipes
– Our favorite foods
– Our favorite trip together
– It’s your Wedzine, so let us know what you’d like –

– Wedding week events
– A guide to the city
– Bridesmaid bios
– Groomsman bios
– On the menu
– Our ceremony schedule
– About her dress
– It’s your Wedzine, so let us know what you’d like –

– Best wishes from mom and dad
– Best wishes from your brothers and sisters
– Best wishes from the groomsmen
– Best wishes from the bridesmaids
– Best wishes from your friends and family
– “Our favorite memories” – stories about you from your relatives and friends
– It’s your Wedzine, so let us know what you’d like –

– Table of Contents
– Thank you to vendors
– Our favorite religious verses
– About our church
– It’s your Wedzine, so let us know what you’d like –

This is your wedding magazine and it custom designed for the information you need for it to include.  The WEDZINE can be digital or can be a literal magazine that can be given out to guests to also keep them informed on the day to day activities on wedding weekend.  So get those engagement pictures out and get ready to customize your WEDZINE.

Did you need to send out thank you notes but have a lot of information that you would like to include?  A WEDZINE is just perfect to send a thank you!  You can add pictures from your wedding day in the WEDZINE and send it out to your vendors and special friends and family as a thank you for their assistance and support during your wedding planning and on the big day!

Make sure to drop by and visit their website to begin to customize your WEDZINE.

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