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Stationery is More Than Only Invitations

5 Nov

I love  stationery.  I love how a piece of paper and some letters can turn into something beautiful with colors and different sizes and fonts.

When making your stationery selections, remember when working with your designer to try to find out all elements that you may need to complete your stationery suite.  Some stationers will reduce your costs the more elements you add to the suite.  Think of the items that you may need for the actual day of the wedding such as menu cards, place cards, escort cards, and table numbers.  After your event, do not forget stationery that may include thank you cards, or announcement of new home.

Stationery – The Invitation Lounge

Photography – Castaldo Studios

Design – No.1 Wedding Planner

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Fabulous Vendor Friday – Primele

27 Jul

The big event is done and you are at home with all of your gifts ready to open them and fill the room with your oooooh’s and aaaaah’s and you remember that you need to get your thank you cards out within the next three months.  A nice touch to your thank you card envelopes is customized return address stamp.  This can be done with a stamp.  Primele on Etsy has wonderful stamps that can be used on your thank you card envelopes.

You can add a little bit more pop to your invitations by using ink from one of your wedding colors.

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A Girl’s Get Together

18 Jun

This is our latest tablescape at our suite for the ladies.  Decked out in black, white and shades of pink ladies will have a great time seated around this table for a Girl’s Get Together.


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16 Apr

Are you ready to order your invitations?  Well, let’s talk about setting a RSVP deadline.  Your RSVP deadline should be at least two weeks before the date of your event.  By this time, most people have knowledge as to if they can attend your event or not.  Around this time as well, your venue may need a final count as to how many guests will be attending.

So what should you do if everyone has not RSVP’d?  Well you can either go with the number that you have received that have RSVP’d, or you can have someone call to confirm if guests will be attending or not.  It is best if you utilize someone who does not know you and/or your family.  This way the guests will feel more obligated to give a definite response of yes or no, instead of maybe.

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Balloon Escort Cards

9 Apr

Balloon escort cards is a unique and playful way to let your guests know what table they are assigned to be seated.  Using balloons is a wonderful way to fill up a room that has a lot of space.  Depending on your event and the type of mood that you are setting, this may be a great idea.  The balloons can all be one color or can be used interchangeably, the choice is yours.  Here are some more balloon escort card inspirations.

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Invitations That Spells Your Name Out

26 Mar

A.B.C.D.E.F.G…yes these playful colorful invitations use the letters of your name to create a personalized invitation.  Alpha Vites came up with a great invitation design concept.  All you have to do is pick a theme, give your letters, and a custom die cut will be made to create your invitation.  Each letter will have its own unique pattern that stands out.

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These invitations would be great for a birthday or graduation party.

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Order Extra Invitations

19 Mar

I hope that you did not get frantic when you read the title of the post.  Ordering up to 25 extra invitations is a great idea and will help to keep your costs down.  How?

Through planning events for clients in the past, sometimes  a guest never received their invitation that was previously sent or a guest was mistakenly left off the guest list.  When these things happen if you have extra invitations they can be sent out to your guests.  If not, and if you have to go back to your invitation stationer/designer, it may end up costing you more money in the long wrong to order a couple extra invitations.  Remember invitation are better priced in bulk than individually.  So order up, it will benefit you in the long run.

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