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Line Tables with Ribbons

9 Jul

Table runners are a nice accent to each tabletop, but a different touch is by adding ribbons.  With ribbons you can bring to your table several different colors as well as create distinct patterns.  Be creative and have fun with it.

Allison Miksch




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A Girl’s Get Together

18 Jun

This is our latest tablescape at our suite for the ladies.  Decked out in black, white and shades of pink ladies will have a great time seated around this table for a Girl’s Get Together.


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Convertible Heels

11 Jun

Ladies have you ever been to an event and at some point in the night you wish you could change your shoes just to soothe your feet.  Well how about having a convertible heels.  These are shoes that the size of the heel can be altered and changed depending on your needs.  The convertible heel may be great to wear to a Bachelorette Party night when at the end of the night you may want to go from heels to flats. How about you want to wear those heels but you are unable to drive in them.  You can go from flats in the car, and change them to heels when you hit the street.  Versatility is what these convertible shoes are all about.

What are your thoughts?

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Fabulous Vendor Friday – BelleJouJou

27 Apr

BelleJouJou is a company that makes handcrafted bride and bridesmaid bags.  These customized pieces are beautiful handbags that will be an accent piece for a bridal party.  Lately we have been seeing a trend of handbags replacing bouquets.

Brides can gift their bridesmaids with a handbags that can be a keepsake.

You can even have a message sewn into the bag.  How cute.

If you want to see more from BelleJouJou make sure to visit her on Etsy store to see even more handbags and other accessories that can be made to add extra flavor to your wedding day.

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Frozen in Ice

2 Apr

We have always loved the look of flowers that are chilled…chilled in ice!  This is such a great idea to add a little something extra to your tables.  Not only is it pleasing to the eye, but an excellent conversation piece for your guests.





The most important part to know is that only edible flowers should be used.  This can include:





Day Lilies










But it does not only have to be flowers, fruits can be chilled in ice as well!



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