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We Love Wedding Wednesday’s – Picnic Weddings

29 Aug

Have you ever been to a outdoor picnic wedding?  Well if not here are some cute pictures that captured some picnic weddings.

So let us take out the blankets, pillows and the baskets, add some flowers on top of some green grass and get married.

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Aquarium Centerpieces

27 Aug

Centerpieces with fish is a great conversation piece for guests and can be very colorful and vibrant on the table.  When seeing an aquarium centerpiece when entering a venue, you already know that this is going to be a very fun and upbeat event.

These are great to honor special guests at the event as a gift.  Always make sure that you follow direction on how to care for the fish prior to the event.

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We Love Wedding Wednesdays – Cave Receptions

8 Aug

Brides are looking for more unique venues to have their weddings.  Today we wanted to show some fabulous pictures of how beautiful cave weddings are to have a reception.





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Fabulous Vendor Friday – Emici Bridal

3 Aug

Emici Bridal is our fabulous vendor for this Friday.  At Emici Bridal beautiful ring pillows are designed and created for your ring bearer to happily carry down the aisle with those precious cargo, the bride and groom’s rings.  Here are a few pillows that we thought were stunning.  You can view their storefront here.

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