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Aquarium Centerpieces

27 Aug

Centerpieces with fish is a great conversation piece for guests and can be very colorful and vibrant on the table.  When seeing an aquarium centerpiece when entering a venue, you already know that this is going to be a very fun and upbeat event.

These are great to honor special guests at the event as a gift.  Always make sure that you follow direction on how to care for the fish prior to the event.

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We Love Weddings Wednesday – Vegetables for Floral Arrangements

15 Feb

A couple weeks ago I dropped into a floral shop to finalize some details for a photo shoot and I saw that they had bunches of kale.

I never thought to use kale as a centerpiece or even in a bridal bouquet, but I did think this is something that can be done to look nice.  So here are some pictures that I found of kale and artichokes being used together as floral options.

Here is a floral bouquet

Here are some boutonnieres

Check out some pictures of centerpieces

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So kale and artichokes are not just edible they can make beautiful floral statements.

Material Wrapped Vases

16 Jan

Vases come in all colors and shapes, but if you were thinking to even personalize your event even more, why not use material and wrap the vases.  This way your centerpieces on each table can be even more theme specific.  You can mix and match materials and incorporate different size vases on one table, or be unique and make every vase on each table have a different look.  Remember this is your event, personalize it with your style.

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Goblet Centerpieces

9 May

Regardless of the event a table needs a focal point. Most of the time this is carried out with utilizing a centerpiece on the table. This is the time to be creative and to keep your guests talking. As I was browsing the internet these upside down globet centerpieces caught my attention. Such a cute simple idea, but so different. Do not be afraid to try something new, move things around and play with different pieces. You never know what may come of your design.

Picture from Over the Sea and Far Away Blog

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