Wedding Wednesday – His and Her Sweet Stations

9 Apr

We loved working with Edrina’s Sweet Sensation Candy Station on designing his and her sweet stations at Rashi and Christopher’s wedding.  The bride’s sweet station carried the wedding color with tones of pink.  Christopher’s sweet station was inspired by him being a fan of the UF Gators.


Chanel Sweet Station CR 2014-03-16 18.10.32 2014-03-16 18.13.42



Here is the surprise reveal of the his and her sweet stations to the Bride and Groom! SWEET STATION REVEAL


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Fabulous Vendor Friday – Aberrant Ornaments

14 Feb

Have you ever been to a wedding, and looked at the cake, and thought, “That cake is so beautiful, it is a shame that they will have to cut it?”.  Having a picture of the cake, lasts forever, but suppose you could also keep the memory of the cake by having a little miniature keepsake ornament?


This is a miniature cake created by Aberrant Ornaments  that stands four inches high!  Yes four inches high.  Aberrant Ornaments makes replicas of cakes with all the little details.  It takes about four to six weeks for each cake to be made.   All you have to do is submit a picture of the cake, and your cake can be made to be viewed and cherished forever.


These absolutely adorable handcrafted cakes can be displayed in your home as a memory of your wedding cake to be cherished.  This is a cute gift for the bride, that was in love with her wedding cake and would have taken it home with her if she could.


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We Love Wedding Wednesday – Take time to enjoy your day

12 Feb

Planning a wedding is a large task.  There is a lot of  time and money taken to plan this day, and to make it be all that you have dreamed it could be.  It is so important for you to make sure to take the time to enjoy all aspects of this day.  There are so many activities that happens during the day; this is a memorable day that you will cherish for the rest of your life.  Take in every moment, every word, and every face.  Believe it or not, the day moves quicker than you will realize.  Make sure when you make your exit as the new Mr. and Mrs.,  that when you look back on your day that you have wonderful memories that will begin the next chapter in your life as husband and wife.


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Stamp Price Increase in January 2014

2 Jan


So I mentioned this about this time a year ago, and I am here to bring news again that stamp prices are increasing January 2014.  Last time the increase was only one cent, but this time it will be a three cent increase.  Stamps will now cost 49 cents each.  It is always a good idea to stock up on your FOREVER stamps now before the price increase on January 26, 2014.  Remember when sending out invitations to budget for this extra cost in stamps.

We Love Wedding Wednesdays – Black and White Stripes

4 Dec

Black and white stripes is very bold and is definitely a statement piece in fashion and decor.  How about for a wedding?  Here are some must see inspirational pictures.

stripes11 stripes10 stripe8 stripes1 stripes stripe6 stripe7 stripes2 stripes3 stripes4

Would you dare to be unique and have a striped wedding?  Maybe an evening wedding with black and subtle touches of black and white stripes, or a day wedding with withe and black and white stripe accents.

What are your thoughts? Gorgeous or too bold?

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Glass Bubbles

2 Dec

What a good combination together, glass and a bubble.


Glass bubbles can be used to sit on items, like on a table top, but I love to see them used as hanging decor.  Who does not like a little hanging decor?  Just imagine glass bubbles hanging from tree branches with candles burning in each bubble.   Doesn’t that set the scene?  Yes, what a sight to see.

The great part about glass bubbles are that they can be used indoors or outdoors.  They can be enhanced by adding items inside of the bubbles that gives your decor an additional kick.  You can add flowers, petals, pine cones, candles, or anything that you can think of.  They can strung together by using ribbon, crystals, string, or wire.  These gorgeous clear bubbles can add just the right touch to make a dreamy event.





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Cake Size and Serving Sizes

11 Nov

Here is a great tool that we found on Aunt Audrey’s Cake’s website that can assist you knowing how many servings you can get from different size cakes.


Serving Sizes




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Fabulous Vendor Friday – GalaRoo NYC

5 Apr

GalaRoo NYC has developed chair cushions that hold your personal items.  Just think of being at an event, and only bringing in your keys, or wallet, or cell phone.  You sit down at the table and you have nowhere to put your personal items.  GalaRoo NYC has made a cushion that can hold your items until you are ready to retrieve them in side pockets.  These are the perfect chair cushions for your chiavari chairs.

chair chair2



So what do you think about ordering these new chair covers?  Your guests will love it!

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We Love Wedding Wednesday – Card Box Holders

27 Mar

Wedding card box holders are usually placed at the reception on the wedding gift table.  This is a box that is designed to hold all the cards and envelopes that the bride and groom receives on their wedding day from their guests.  It used to be a plain white box that may have some tiers like a cake with a ribbon or two, but not anymore.  Wedding card box holders are creative, colorful, and have cute designs that play off the wedding theme and/or colors or off the personalities of the bride and groom.  Here are some unique designs.

cb2 cb3 cb4 cb5 cb6 cb1

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Fabulous Vendor Friday – Pretty Please Nail Polish

22 Mar

Don’t we all love nail polish colors.  There used to be a time when certain polish colors just should not adorn your nails, but now the possibilities are endless to top of your fingers and toes.

Pretty Please1

 At Pretty Please, you can choose a nail polish and name it.  This is a great idea for  swag bag giveaways, gift bags for bridal shower, or even bridal gifts for bridesmaids.  Not only can you have fun picking out the colors, but by adding your own special name for the polishes.

Pretty Please
So what do you think?  What color are you going to choose?
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