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We Love Wedding Wednesday – Card Box Holders

27 Mar

Wedding card box holders are usually placed at the reception on the wedding gift table.  This is a box that is designed to hold all the cards and envelopes that the bride and groom receives on their wedding day from their guests.  It used to be a plain white box that may have some tiers like a cake with a ribbon or two, but not anymore.  Wedding card box holders are creative, colorful, and have cute designs that play off the wedding theme and/or colors or off the personalities of the bride and groom.  Here are some unique designs.

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How many people can sit at this table?

17 Dec

When planning your event, it is definitely important to know how many people are able to sit around the table.  Here is a guide that you can go by when doing your guest seating.

30″ round – 2-3  people

36″ round – 4 people

42″ round – 5 people

48″ round – 6 people

54″ round – 7-8 people

60″ round – 8-10 people

72″ round – 10-11 people


This also depends on the size and the style of the chairs that will be set at the table.  Since your guests will be seated for the majority of your event, it is important to make sure that they are comfortable.

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16 Apr

Are you ready to order your invitations?  Well, let’s talk about setting a RSVP deadline.  Your RSVP deadline should be at least two weeks before the date of your event.  By this time, most people have knowledge as to if they can attend your event or not.  Around this time as well, your venue may need a final count as to how many guests will be attending.

So what should you do if everyone has not RSVP’d?  Well you can either go with the number that you have received that have RSVP’d, or you can have someone call to confirm if guests will be attending or not.  It is best if you utilize someone who does not know you and/or your family.  This way the guests will feel more obligated to give a definite response of yes or no, instead of maybe.

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Order Extra Invitations

19 Mar

I hope that you did not get frantic when you read the title of the post.  Ordering up to 25 extra invitations is a great idea and will help to keep your costs down.  How?

Through planning events for clients in the past, sometimes  a guest never received their invitation that was previously sent or a guest was mistakenly left off the guest list.  When these things happen if you have extra invitations they can be sent out to your guests.  If not, and if you have to go back to your invitation stationer/designer, it may end up costing you more money in the long wrong to order a couple extra invitations.  Remember invitation are better priced in bulk than individually.  So order up, it will benefit you in the long run.

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We love Apples..and they are not Candy Apples

23 Jan

I just love when fruit is fused together with decor.  It is so refreshing.  So I was so inspired when I saw these pictures.  There are so many different ways that you can incorporate apples into a centerpiece or food station.  You can use from granny apples to green apple.  Your guests will love to view them and to eat them.  We all know what an apple a day does!!!

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Correct Table Settings

10 Oct

Have you ever been confused about where does the tea spoon or soup should be placed on the table?  Or how about does the salad fork go closer to the plate or away from the plate.  Well here we have posted a visual to make sure that you always have correct table settings for your events.

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Check the ladies posing at the Ladies Lounge

16 Aug

You can view some of the pictures of the guests that attended the Ladies Lounge.  See how the upcoming brides and their bridesmaids posed for their moment!

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