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Fabulous Vendor Friday – GalaRoo NYC

5 Apr

GalaRoo NYC has developed chair cushions that hold your personal items.  Just think of being at an event, and only bringing in your keys, or wallet, or cell phone.  You sit down at the table and you have nowhere to put your personal items.  GalaRoo NYC has made a cushion that can hold your items until you are ready to retrieve them in side pockets.  These are the perfect chair cushions for your chiavari chairs.

chair chair2



So what do you think about ordering these new chair covers?  Your guests will love it!

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Fabulous Vendor Friday – Chiavari Chairs and Chic Chargers

23 Mar

In honor of Fabulous Vendor Friday we wanted to repost this blog about A Chair Affair.

Chiavari chairs are a nice addition to any event’s table design.  A Chair Affair, located in the Orlando area rents chiavari chairs and pads for weddings and events.  They not only have excellent quality rentals, but their staff is very friendly and always on time.   A Chair Affair has recently added chargers to their rental list.  I have seen these new chargers and they are absolutely beautiful.  This is a definite addition that should be added to your table set up.   Here are some pictures below of some of their chairs and chargers.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

To see additional photos,  check them out here on Facebook and make sure to like their page!

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