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Invitations That Spells Your Name Out

26 Mar

A.B.C.D.E.F.G…yes these playful colorful invitations use the letters of your name to create a personalized invitation.  Alpha Vites came up with a great invitation design concept.  All you have to do is pick a theme, give your letters, and a custom die cut will be made to create your invitation.  Each letter will have its own unique pattern that stands out.

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These invitations would be great for a birthday or graduation party.

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Children Theme Parties

5 Mar

Children theme parties have always been happening. Parents want to celebrate their children’s big day with the newest and most popular comic book character, children’s TV show characters, cartoons, and the list can go on. Children themes can be very fun for both boys and girls regardless of their age.

Things To Remember

1. Make games, activities, and gift bags age appropriate.

2. Whether girls or boys, some toys for gift bags are unisex (girls like boy toys too!)

3. Keep things colorful.

4. Carry your theme out from beginning to end. Starting from the invitations to the gift bags.

5. If parents will be attending the party, have activities for them to interact with their children.

6. Have fun.

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Fabulous Vendor Friday – The Ultimate Drunken Cupcake

10 Feb

We bring you a special vendor today.  This one is for adults only.   Today’s fabulous vendor has fused alcohol with cupcakes to form The Ultimate Drunken Cupcake!

The wonderful part about these cupcakes is that if you have a favorite drink it can be turned into a cupcake.   You do not have to worry about the ingredients as The Ultimate Drunken Cupcake ensures that they use the best ingredients and alcohols to turn your drink into something edible.  You do not believe me?  Head on over to their website where you can check out their cupcake  menu selection that includes:

  • Amaretto Sour
  • Tequila Sunrise
  • Moscato Dreams
  • Mimosa

This is just a few off of the menu.  Not only do they do cupcakes, but they also have cake pops that we all love that gives you just a bite off of a stick.  Let us not forget cupcakes in a glass.

They can incorporate the drink of your choice, so if it is not on the list, do not get discouraged, give them a call.  They will create the flavor for you.

This is excellent addition for birthday parties, housewarmings, bridal showers, and/or bachelorette parties.  So go check out The Ultimate Drunken Cupcake on their website and put in an order for your cupcakes.

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Cupcake Cones

26 Dec

We just love this yummy and delicious treat that we stumbled upon.  Cupcake cones are a great way to combine two great treats that we all love….ice cream and cupcakes.  These cupcakes can be the next hit at your children’s party.  You can decorate the tops of the cupcakes ahead of time and have them displayed or you can have all the toppings displayed where each child can decorate their own cupcake cone.

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