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We Love Wedding Wednesday – Card Box Holders

27 Mar

Wedding card box holders are usually placed at the reception on the wedding gift table.  This is a box that is designed to hold all the cards and envelopes that the bride and groom receives on their wedding day from their guests.  It used to be a plain white box that may have some tiers like a cake with a ribbon or two, but not anymore.  Wedding card box holders are creative, colorful, and have cute designs that play off the wedding theme and/or colors or off the personalities of the bride and groom.  Here are some unique designs.

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We Love Wedding Wednesday’s – Customized Wrapping Paper

7 Mar

We ran across this wrapping paper from Namemaker.com that we thought was just so cute.  Personalized wrapping paper that you can wrap your gift to the bride and groom.  How neat!    With this wrapping paper, do you still need a card?  Well no, if you just want the bride and groom to know who it’s from, but if you want to give them some sentimental words, we would say to add a card.  The process is simple, just add in your wording up to 37 characters and your gift wrap will be created!

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Brown Paper Packages…Tied up with Strings

23 Dec

Yes these are a few of our favorite things!!!  We have such lovely gift wrapping paper now when we go to the stores, every color we can think of to wrap our gifts for our loved ones.  What happened to brown paper packages?  Is it a thing of the past?  Well here are a few packages that are brown and tied up with string that we think looks will look lovely under your tree.

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Valet Service with Guest Gifts

1 Aug

Imagine you have just went to a party and waiting for the valet to bring your car around.  As you wait you think to yourself “That was a great party!  I had a great time.”  As you view your car coming around the corner, you think to yourself “I am slightly thirsty I should have gotten some water, but here is my car.  Oh well!”  You thank the valet service guy and give him a tip and jump in your car.  Right as you are about to put your car into gear, you look on the passenger’s seat and there is a thank you bag with gifts for you!

Of course that is a very nice thought and gesture, and so here the blog for today would like for you to give you another event idea.  If you are having your event where there is limited parking or you will be having  a valet service, it is nice gesture to leave a surprise gift in the car of all of your guests.  It can be water bottle, snacks, gum and/or candy.   This is an extra step in thanking your guests for coming to your event and it leaves a lasting impression as they drive away from your party.   As I always say its in the details that brings your event from ordinary into extraordinary.  Always remember the details.

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