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Frozen in Ice

2 Apr

We have always loved the look of flowers that are chilled…chilled in ice!  This is such a great idea to add a little something extra to your tables.  Not only is it pleasing to the eye, but an excellent conversation piece for your guests.





The most important part to know is that only edible flowers should be used.  This can include:





Day Lilies










But it does not only have to be flowers, fruits can be chilled in ice as well!



We love Apples..and they are not Candy Apples

23 Jan

I just love when fruit is fused together with decor.  It is so refreshing.  So I was so inspired when I saw these pictures.  There are so many different ways that you can incorporate apples into a centerpiece or food station.  You can use from granny apples to green apple.  Your guests will love to view them and to eat them.  We all know what an apple a day does!!!

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Underwater Centerpieces

17 Oct

Although this is not a new centerpiece concept, seeing flowers suspended in water always is very pleasing to the eyes.  No matter what the colors are, it gives the room a nice feel and elegance especially when accented with candles.   I like the fact that you can incorporate different flowers and multiple vase levels on the table.  Not only can you suspend flowers in the water, but you can use citrus fruit also in the vase in place of flowers.  Remember to keep in mind that although you may not be utilizing that many flowers which will cut down on price for your budget, but the vases come with a rental cost from the florist.

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