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We Love Wedding Wednesday – Card Box Holders

27 Mar

Wedding card box holders are usually placed at the reception on the wedding gift table.  This is a box that is designed to hold all the cards and envelopes that the bride and groom receives on their wedding day from their guests.  It used to be a plain white box that may have some tiers like a cake with a ribbon or two, but not anymore.  Wedding card box holders are creative, colorful, and have cute designs that play off the wedding theme and/or colors or off the personalities of the bride and groom.  Here are some unique designs.

cb2 cb3 cb4 cb5 cb6 cb1

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We Love Wedding Wednesday’s – Luggage Tags Stationery

14 Mar

Luggage tags are not only for your suitcases when you go to the airport.  Luggage tags can be used through stationery for your invitations for a travel theme. We love this concept and the clean and fresh look of some of the stationery that we found.

Save The Date Luggage Tags

Invitation Luggage Tags

Invitation Luggage Tags

Table Assignments

Escort Cards

Full Invitation Suite

We Love Weddings Wednesday’s – Personalized Hotel Key Cards

22 Feb

Just when we think that the smallest of details have been covered, we are pleasantly surprised by yet another piece, personalized hotel key cards.  Provide a photo, then decide what you would like for it to say on your hotel key card and your key card will be designed.

I love this concept for destination weddings and/or reunion events.  Rooms can be blocked off at a hotel for all the guests that are attending and each one can received their personalized key card for the event.  You do not have to worry about the hotel receiving this information, as it is all handled behind the scenes prior to the arrival of you and your guests.  You can even have the card keys ordered a head of time and used as a save the date magnet!

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Coat Check…Please

20 Jun

Although we are in the summer months, some of you may be planning for events that will towards the end of the year.  If you are having your event and the fall or winter, it is a good idea to have a coat check in for your guests.  When having a coat check there are some things to keep in mind.

Coat Check Attendant(s): You need to have a few coat check attendants depending on the amount of guests you are expecting and the location of where the coats will be housed (distance) from the guest check in.

System: Have a great system to how coats will be retrieved when guests are leaving the event.  Always make sure that the coat check attendant(s) will be there to assist guests in the case that they may leave before the event is over.

Coat Check Items: It is important to be able to give a tag/card to each guest that checks in a coat.  Make sure that you have a back up plan in case that a guest can not find their card to retrieve their coat.  Ensure that you have enough coat hangers and space to hang all of the coats that will be checked in.

Notify your Guests: Let your guests know that you will have a coat check available to them upon entrance of the event.

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