Fabulous Vendor Friday – Artistic Aisle Runner

16 Mar

The Fabulous Vendor for Friday goes to Artistic Aisle Runner.  We have had the lovely pleasure of working with this company several times for events that we have produced or been apart of.  We always love the detail and professionalism of Artistic Aisle Runner.

These aisle runners are hand painted one of a kind aisle runners that can be used to personalize the wedding ceremony.  The fabric that is used has a rubberized backing that allows for no slips as the bride takes her walk down the aisle.

Artisitic Aisle Runner also makes cute banners and signs.

You can choose from a selection of fabric color choices to decorate your aisle.  When personalizing your wedding, this is definitely a way that would make a statement when entering your ceremony site.  Artistic Aisle Runner will work with your concept and design to come up with your one of a kind runner.  Make sure to bring your ideas, monogram, and font inspirations when you have your consultation.

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2 Responses to “Fabulous Vendor Friday – Artistic Aisle Runner”

  1. Lotoya Vongrechin March 17, 2012 at 11:34 am #

    These are so cute. Certainly will use for my wedding one day. I am thinking of other ways to use, like in your house for a hallway runner. This are beyond cool. The wall art photo is the BEST. Thanks for sharing

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